How useful is crypto currency in the real world?


Many websites accept Bitcoin – but as long as they accept Bitcoin you can pay with any crypto currency using a swap service. More information further down. Here are just a few of the services that you can use with crypto currency:

Server Hosting
Evolution Host ( offers a range of services for developers: Virtual Private Servers, game servers and DDoS protection for your services.

Etsy is a marketplace for home made products. Not all Etsy sellers accept crypto currency- but many do! Etsy sellers offer a wide range of products: clothes, baskets, exoitic plants, mugs and more. Interested in home-made products? Head over to!

Need something from Amazon? Pay with crypto using Purse is simple. You request an item from Amazon- at a discount- and other users offer their Amazon gift cards for your crypto currency. Purse does its magic and they get your crypto currency, you get your Amazon item!

Upgrading your computer? Newegg accepts crypto currency! Newegg sells all kinds of products: computer parts, smart appliances, laptops VR headsets and more! It’s a global company with international shipping.

Destinia Book
Destinia Book cheap flights and hotels with Bitcoin!

Spending Bitcoin is a niche search engine for online stores that accept Bitcoin- there are thousands of them!


Online fiat transactions tend to be reversible. Platforms such as PayPal and credit card services allow the sender to charge back transactions.

Therefore, trading online- such as for items on Minecraft or Steam- is best done with crypto currency. Once a crypto transaction is completed, it cannot be reversed.


TheNewBoston (TNB) is a community of developers creating a new crypto currency together. It’s blazingly fast. Transactions are dirt cheap. Tokens are distributed to the people creating the currency. Mining based crypto currencies (like Bitcoin) waste energy to create new tokens. No electricity is wasted to mint TNB currency.

Buying TheNewBoston (TNB) currency from contributors means that you’re paying contributors for their work and supporting open source projects. When the token’s value inevitably goes up- currently 0.02 USD up from 0.01 USD, you can sell them to make a profit and provide market liquidity by doing so.

Investing isn’t just about money- you can invest your time too! TheNewBoston contributors are paid 2800 tokens daily for their contributions. Head over to to learn more.

To invest in TheNewBoston, head over to and join the Slack & Discord servers (both have escrow supported #trade channels), and head over the exchange server listed below.

Crypto Swap

Need to pay with Bitcoin but got Litecoin instead? Use a swap service. These work by accepting your crypto currency and sending back the equivalent value in another crypto currency.

Standard exchanges typically require you to make an account. Mieszko Exchange is an upcoming instant swap service with no registration that will allow you to swap your TheNewBoston coins for Bitcoin and Litecoin- and vice versa. Head over to to learn more.


Crypto currency is very much useful and real world ready. It isn’t something we just hold on to for investments. Many online stores accept it and receiving crypto currency is the safest way to trade online. Classical crypto currencies such as Bitcoin have high transaction fees- and they’re slow! But new age currencies like TheNewBoston solve these issues.


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