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Engineering Updates

The 5th iteration of the biweekly newsletter of thenewboston includes the latest updates from thenewboston core team progress to the beta release!


The Audit Team has been working on reviewing the core team’s timesheets, new project proposals and then handing them off thenewboston’s government for final approval of those projects. The team has approved 23 projects till now, and is daily checking for any new proposal, every day at 7 pm PST, making the response time less than 1 day, for the project proposal’s submission.


The blockchain team has been working on the development for the beta release and so far they have completed enabling the “multiple block support” feature and are currently working on the “registering new nodes on the network” feature, for thenewboston beta-network. A detailed beta blockchain roadmap can be viewed and tracked via this issue: [Link]


The design team has been working on the beta release designs for thenewboston, which includes updated designs for the Wallet(Account Manager) and website. The team has completed making the design for Analytics Page as well as Developer Portal’s Landing Page, and now it’s up to the Frontend Team to make those designs live! The team is also working on finalizing the design for the V2(Beta) Wallet’s(Account Manager) Design and the Living Whitepaper Page, which was previously labeled as Developer Portal’s Architecture Page. 


The Front-End and Back-End teams have been working continuously to redesign the website for the beta release. This last week, the Frontend and Backend team have worked together to make the new Landing Page, FAQ Page, and Download Page of thenewboston, live! You can check them using this [Link]. Currently, the Frontend team is working on implementing the Analytics Page as well and will most probably be live in the next 1-2 weeks as well!


The Marketing Team has been targeting different social media platforms publishing new infographics and memes made by our talented community. The team is now working with exploring and contacting different cryptocurrency communities so that we can create a global community where all of the cryptocurrency communities can work together to make the digital future. The Marketing Team is working toward increasing our growth and reach by applying different types of analytics methods on different types of social media platforms. 

Developer Portal

thenewboston core team has been working on making the developer portal live these last weeks. The team has completed designing the Landing Page for the Developer Portal and for the Living Whitepaper, which was previously labeled as thenewboston Architecture Page. For MVP, there will be the following pages of Developer Portal:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Living Whitepaper Page, was previously labeled as thenewboston Architecture 

Mobile App

This week, thenewboston core team has been working on making thenewboston mobile app live. The team is working on making the “Necessary UI for the mobile app” as well as making the “CI pipeline to build apk to check ongoing work from GitHub”. Once this is completed, the team will work on integrating the app with SDK following the user flow from registration to login.


As of now, we have 13 approved projects which have been added to the website, and last week 10 more projects got approval, which makes the total number of approved projects to be equal to 23, and we have listed all of them down below:

  1. aiotnb – Python Network Library
  2. Automated Freelancing Service
  3. Blockchain Explorer
  4. HD Wallets
  5. Keysign
  6. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile SDK
  7. Restaurants Self-Order App
  8. TNB Discord Bot
  9. TNB Discord Security
  10. TNB Discord Shop
  11. TNB Donation
  12. TNB Forum
  13. TNB Heroes
  14. TNB List
  15. TNB Minecraft Integration
  17. TNB-Faucet
  18. TNBAnon
  19. TNBpay
  20. tnbGo
  22. TNBC Paper Wallet
  23. TNBC Tressure Hunt

What’s New?

Few changes happened these past couple of weeks as Bucky Roberts has been appointed as the Community Team Lead [Link], Ms. Chrisha has been appointed as the Marketing Team Lead!

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