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Newsletter #6: tnb blockchain

Engineering Updates

Hey thenewboston’s community, we are back with our 6th iteration of the bi-weekly newsletter to update you with our progress to reach beta! We have some interesting updates so don’t forget to read till the end.

Table of Contents

  1. Audit
  2. Blockchain
  3. Design
  4. Website
  5. Marketing
  6. Developer Portal
  7. Mobile App
  8. Projects
  9. thenewboston Beta Roadmap
  10. What’s New?


The Audit Team has been working on reviewing the core team’s timesheets, new project Our Audit team has continued reviewing project proposals and their respective milestones and milestones payout requests together with the government during the last 2 weeks. They received 3 new project proposals, 3 milestone proposals, and 3 payout requests and they reviewed 100+ timesheets from the core team.


The blockchain team has made significant progress during these past couple of weeks. Right now the team is working on these issues:

  • Registering a new node to the network
  • Node start functionality
  • REST API for the node
  • Primary Validator(PV) schedule

You can also check out the beta roadmap, by going to this GitHub issue: [Link] . Quick note, we are also looking for good python developers to join our blockchain team, so if you think you have the right skill set to be a part of our team then kindly apply for this job: [LINK], asap, as we are still hiring!


The design team worked on gathering requirements for App Store that will enlist those projects in our network, which are ready to be used by our end users. The team also completed the designs for Terms of Service, Privacy Page and thenewboston’s Developer Portal Landing Page! And all of these designs will be developed and live in the next few weeks.


The Front-End and Back-End team are working together to get the website ready for beta. Both teams have finalized the Analytics Page which will be live this week and also added the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page to the website. In the upcoming week the team would be working on finalizing thenewboston’s Developer Portal Landing page as well!

tnb analytics page
tnb analytics page


With the continuous effort of the marketing team, we have managed to gain 650+ new followers on our social media. The team is continuing posting quality content on social media, blogs and interacting with people all over the globe to expand our reach and make them a part of our community.

The team is working on various ideas to make our Discord community more lively and fun, and will introduce new contests, quizzes and even gaming tournaments as well!

Developer Portal

thenewboston core team has been working a considerable progress for making its Developer Portal live, as the design has created the designs of the landing page and living whitepaper for the developer portal, and is working on the guides and tools (APIs and Libraries) page.

Meanwhile, the Frontend team has engineered the components for the developer portal and has nearly finished building up the landing page.

Mobile App

The last two weeks, thenewboston core team were working on completing the UI for the alpha version of thenewboston mobile app. The Front-end team has started integrating SDK with the mobile app UI. They have made considerable progress as they have successfully created an account and sent some coins on thenewboston blockchain!

thenewboston mobile app
tnb mobile app


As of now, we have 23 approved projects which have been added to the website, and last week we have approved 3 more amazing projects on our list, so making it a total of 26 approved projects, which are a part of tnb network, as shown below:

thenewboston projects
thenewboston projects

thenewboston Beta Roadmap

To reach beta, we need to accomplish a set of mini tasks, which will help us piece together our beta blockchain, website and wallet, but even though our development process is going smoothly we feel like, we need to give you a sneak-peak of what have we stored for you in the road to beta.

Here is a list of features which will be adding into our beta update, which you can see down below:

  • App store (for completed projects)
  • Search on website 
  • About us page 
  • Auto update notification for wallet 
  • Release notes for wallet 
  • Marketing/Blockchain glossary 
  • Job management tools for the website 
  • Timesheet feature for the website 
  • TNBC store (for getting stickers, clothes, shoes etc, using payment integration)  
  • Token system 
  • University 
  • Privacy features

What’s New?

There have been some major changes to the team structure in the past couple of weeks. As we have a couple of core team jobs opening up on our website, you can check them using this: [Link].

We have also started gathering feedback from our discord community about every single thing that we are doing, and we are getting a huge response, which is allowing us to improve ourselves at every step of the way.

If you have not submitted your feedback, please click here: [Link] to fill out your feedback.

Quick Note

Also note that, we have been getting alot of complaints about thenewboston network down in this week, so in order to facilitate everyone, we are enlisting down the current bank node, which you can use to connect to thenewboston blockchain network:

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