Core Team Update #7: July 8th ~ July 21st

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Engineering Updates

Hey TNB community, we are here with our 7th iteration of the bi-weekly newsletter to update you with our progress to reach beta! We have some interesting updates related to projects at the bottom.

Table of Contents

  1. Audit
  2. Blockchain
  3. Design
  4. Website
  5. Marketing
  6. Developer Portal
  7. Mobile App
  8. Projects
  9. What’s New


The audit team has continued reviewing core team member’s timesheets and payouts. They received 3 milestone payout requests and 2 milestone proposals to review from the projects. No new project proposal received by the team in the last 2 weeks.


The blockchain team has made significant progress during these past couple of weeks. Right now the team is working on these issues:

  • Sync blockchain from another node
  • Download the latest available blockchain from another node
  • REST API method to get path to latest available blockchain state
  • Clear blockchain only on redeploy
  • Publish blockchain format documentation on running node

You can also check out the beta blockchain roadmap of thenewboston, by going to this github issue: Link.

Quick note, we are also looking for good python developers to join our blockchain team, so if you think you have the right skillset to be a part of our team then kindly apply for this job.


The design team worked on a responsive version of the projects page for the developer portal. Also, they made good progress with the App Store page designs. They finalized the developer portal’s hifi designs.

Parallelly, the team also worked on Beta Roadmap designs. The Beta Roadmap design will help the community to get a better picture of where we are standing and what milestones need to be completed in order to hit the beta.

App Store coming soon to thenewboston


The front-end team worked exceptionally hard these past couple of weeks to get the developer portal ready. The developer portal is live now with the living whitepaper. API documentation can be found in the developer portal now.

The back-end team also moved the caching feature to production. Apart from that, the back-end for website analytics is also done.


The marketing team continued posting quality content on social media and kept people engaged. The team published lots of informative articles on the blog page. Read about The History of Money.

The marketing team is going to have marketing specialists for every country, starting from India and Nigeria. These marketing specialists will be working with the core marketing team to make people aware of thenewboston and bring more people to the community.

Looking for Marketing Specialist for India
Looking for Marketing Specialist for Nigeria

Latest Publications

Developer Portal

The developer portal is out and can be visited here: Great work by James, Mr. K, Sanjeev and Vyz. The current version of the developer portal contains a living whitepaper and API.

We are going to add the SDKs/Libraries section in the coming week and the guides page too in a few weeks. Development is taking place to fix some minor bugs from the portal.

Mobile App

The mobile app team spent their time researching the best way to keep sensitive data safe. They focused on trying to get the app as secure as possible and keeping the user keys safe, which is almost 70% done.

Apart from that, the team also worked on QR generation and scanning features. They are going to focus on transactions in this coming week.
The development roadmap of the mobile app can be tracked from here: TNB Mobile App Milestones


TNBPay, with the objective to make plugins for all e-commerce platforms, made remarkable progress by completing their payment integration plugin for woo-commerce. The plugin can be downloaded from here: With the completion of this milestone, the team has moved on to the next milestone, a payment integration plugin for Shopify.

TNBC Analytics and Gamer Arena also completed their first milestone.

What’s New?

There are going to be some changes to the current project system which does not allow the core team or government to work on projects. The final updates are not on the website yet, but with the new updates, governors can also make project proposals and those proposals will be reviewed by everyone in the community. Core team members, including auditors, can also work on projects with this new update.

The ongoing research on the implementation of sub-token with thenewboston blockchain is also complete. We are going to have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons and then we can draft the final documentation for the blockchain team.

We added a senior python engineer to the team to work on the blockchain to boost the development speed. We are going to hire a few more senior python developers to work with the blockchain team in the coming weeks.

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