Core Team Update: July 22nd – Aug 10th

Engineering Updates

Hey thenewboston community, we are here with the 8th iteration of our bi-weekly newsletter to update you with our progress to reach beta! We have some interesting updates on our team at the bottom.

Table of Contents

  1. Audit
  2. Blockchain
  3. Design
  4. Website
  5. Marketing
  6. Mobile App
  7. Projects
  8. What’s New


The audit team has continued reviewing core team members’ timesheets and payouts. The team received two milestone payout requests and three milestone proposals in the last two weeks.


The blockchain team has been making remarkable progress throughout the last fortnight. The team has worked on the following:

  1. Initialization of a new node on the beta blockchain
  2. Implementation of a management command to download the latest blockchain state from a given node address
  3. Storing beta blockchain state in the docker image
  4. Blockchain synchronization

In addition, the team fixed bugs and carried out the implementation of the REST API method to get blockchain state metadata.

You can check out the beta blockchain roadmap of thenewboston by studying this GitHub issue:


The design team has been dynamic and made quiet yet significant progress on the issues they were working on. The developments so far are:

  • Completion of App Store designs
  • Beta roadmap design
  • Brand Guidelines and Brand Identity samples for marketing posts
  • New landing page exploration for the website (in progress)



The team worked on lots of stuff in the past couple of weeks. Here is the list of tasks they worked on:

  • App store (In progress)
  • Projects updates
  • Fixing developer portal bugs
  • Analytics


The marketing team generated interest among many people, which resulted in a lot of queries coming in. They prepared a Weekly Content Plan to streamline their work efforts and worked on Weekly SWOT and Content Analysis.

The marketing team continued posting quality content on social media and kept people engaged.

Mobile App

The team successfully implemented the Ed25519 cipher algorithm and also worked on QR code and fingerprint functionality.

The mobile app team has been testing the platform rigorously. After the final polishing and some bug fixing, the app would be ready to be used by the community. We are soon going to have a contributor guide for thenewboston-mobile repository. After that non-core team members of the community can also contribute.

Alpha Mobile App


Project TNBpay, which made a remarkable achievement by building a payment plugin for woo-commerce, decided to go with the Magento plugin instead of Shopify. The reason behind their decision is that Shopify is not open-source, which makes it harder to use for building an external payment plugin.

Aiotnb, a coroutine-based client for the TNB Network API, completed their Bank-API milestone. 

SuppCoins (TNB Donation), completed their UI/UX design and also submitted their back-end architecture diagrams.

TNBAnalytics is working on its Front-end and back-end development milestone.


What’s New?

Now the core team has a Head of Human Resources and also a lead of marketing design. Our new marketing design lead will ensure we share only professionally designed quality-rich posts on social media. Also, we are going to automate the payment process, which will remove the chance of human error in the payment process and speed up our auditing workflow. 

Code Arkive, a puzzle hosted by Niekon, became the talk of the week and also brought many people in the community together. Looking at the responses received by Code Arkive from the community, it will be funded as a TNB project from now onwards.

Code Arkive

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