Core Team Update: August 11th – Aug 27th

Engineering Updates

Hey thenewboston community, we are here with the 9th iteration of our bi-weekly newsletter to update you with our progress to reach beta! We have some interesting updates on our team at the bottom.

Table of Contents

  1. Audit
  2. Blockchain
  3. Design
  4. Front-end
  5. Mobile App
  6. Projects
  7. What’s New


The audit team has continued reviewing core team members’ timesheets and payouts. The team received two milestone payout requests and one new project proposal.

The team looked closely at the progress shown by currently approved projects and made some changes to the current system. The changes can be found in the projects section down below.


The blockchain team has been making remarkable progress throughout the last fortnight. The team has worked on the following issues/PRs:

  1. lazy blockchain states
  2. Test block chunk is rotated real file blockchain
  3. Do not rename chunk files
  4. Blockchain states meta API
  5. Unmock get latest blockchain state meta by network address
  6. Use get_primary_validator_schedule()
  7. Fix assert for get_node_role() 
  8. Fix generate_blockchain()
  9. List known nodes API end-point 
  10. add clickable table of content to docs 
  11. List account transactions API end-point


The design team has been dynamic and made quiet yet significant progress on the issues they were working on. The developments so far are:

  • App Store and SDK/Libraries handoffs are ready.
  • Started Beta Mobile Wallet Design

App Store
SDKs & Libraries


The team worked on lots of stuff in the past couple of weeks. Here is the list of tasks they worked on:

  • App store (In progress)
  • Roadmap page
  • Beta Wallet for Desktop

Mobile App

The Alpha Mobile App is open for the contribution from our community. Currently, we have an active bounty of 20000 coins. Please check out: Issue #33 for more information.


To get more valuable projects we are changing our project system a little bit. With the new system, the project’s first milestone should be either MVP or the complete project. This change was required to remove the possible flaw in the previous system where one can work on minor milestones to get the coins and then leave the project without adding value to the community.

Original Announcement for more detail:

What’s New?

After having a long discussion, we decided to head towards TNB for the Gaming Community. And our every decision from now onward take that into consideration.

Here are some points why decided to go with TNB for the Gaming Community:

  • We already have a large YouTube community of developers where game development tutorials have historically done well. 
  • Gaming is more social by nature. Broadly speaking, gaming is better with friends and family which will help with our marketing and network effect. 
  • Games offer a lower risk to end-users when compared to business applications/payment integrations, particularly while our network is still in development and not yet stable.

Taking that into consideration, we are looking for more gaming-related projects but at the same time, we also welcome non-gaming-related projects which can add value to the community.

Also, we released our first version of the document for the subtoken system outlining the concept in detail. Original Doc:

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