A year with thenewboston

Hello everyone! I’m Chrisha Canete and I live in Cavite, Philippines. I’m 23 years old, going on 24. I’ve been working at thenewboston for a year now and I want to tell you how thenewboston and Bucky Roberts changed my life.

A month before meeting Bucky on Upwork, I had just quit my corporate job of 1 year and 5 months in which I progressed from encoder to Math and English teacher in Kumon, Philippines. Teaching was a great experience because I love kids, love teaching, and love being with amazing real teachers who care about each other and their students.

At the time, my mother was ill and I was the only family member working. In the Philippines, it’s customary to assist and be obligated to one’s family. However, living in the Philippines on a daily salary of 376 pesos made life a struggle. I had to take another job as a hairstylist which was  exhausting and still wasn’t able to cover all of our expenses.

I decided to take a risk and quit which began my freelancing journey as a Virtual Assistant. Early on, I was depressed and disappointed in myself whenever I missed out on a client as freelancing is quite competitive. One of my best-answered prayers came on November 9, 2020 when I received a response from a potential client to whom I had sent my portfolio. He quickly hired me.

Greetings, Bucky.

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity that has changed the course of my life. You’re fantastic! 

As the Virtual Assistant to the thenewboston team, I was able to share my ideas for social media marketing, which I had experience with due to work with another Upwork client. I also met wonderful people like Kristy and Tristan who are sincerely grateful for the suggestions I have made. These people are incredible! 

Soon after, they trusted me to lead the marketing team and I was paid in thenewboston coins. I didn’t know anything about crypto until I joined this company, which showed me how valuable it is. Our project is building thenewboston coin blockchain which has already changed my life and the lives of others. 

Prior to joining the project, I was over 100,000 pesos in debt due to college tuition and other emergency expenses as my mother had been ill for 6 months. I traded my first 80,000 thenewboston coins for $0.03 and received enough money to pay off all of my debts right away.

A month later, I was able to trade 60,000 coins at a rate of $0.027, to purchase a laptop as I had been using a friend’s computer up to that point. 

From this set-up

To this 

The following month, I  traded 50,000 TNBC at a rate of $0.019  and bought a used car for my father as a birthday present.

Finally, for 30,000 TNBC at $0.029, I traveled to Cebu, one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and brought work anywhere.

I was so happy that I didn’t think I could ask for anything more. It was amazing how valuable thenewboston was, not just as a crypto, but because it transformed me from someone who was mostly disappointed to someone who could do more and recognized the value of my presence in thenewboston.

I decided to save my coins for a few months so that I could start my dream business when I was eight years old, and now I am the CEO of a burger restaurant.

I am far from the most successful person, but I would say I was raised to believe that bad things happen when they are not meant for you, and good things happen when they are. Working at thenewboston is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I hope to continue my journey, learn more, and add more value to the project. 

Another point I’d like to make is that freedom to live is determined not by how well you do your job, but by how much you enjoy it.

When you  contribute from the heart, not just for the sake of money, you find what you truly enjoy.

Thank you thenewboston family and community!

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  1. Wow, what a nice piece really happy I came across this, never Miss Chrisha did all this, nevertheless I am happy for what you have achieved on the long run with thenewboston. Long live thenewboston. How did I even miss this post since about a month ago.

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