Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas With Bitty

Get ready for 12 days of surprises and new challenges that showcase different Bitty features starting with the release of Bitty Beta on Christmas Day (12/25)!

What is Bitty?

Bitty is a text-based adventure game available on the thenewboston Discord server (as well as 10 others). At its core, Bitty is a fun social game with a written, explorable world of quests. Since the Alpha version was released in November 2021, 500 players from multiple countries have explored and had fun playing Bitty.

Bitty began in 2016 as a simple Bitcoin bot and grew with thenewboston blockchain and Discord. The developer, Pixel, considers Bitty a way to bring people together much like thenewboston community. He believes Bitty exemplifies the success thenewboston project has already achieved. As a developer for thenewboston project, the Bitty project has connected him with smart people who have skills ranging from business strategy all the way to art and marketing. It’s a team coming together to share their skills and have fun in the process!

What’s in it for you?

Besides good clean fun, 12 Days of Bitty gives players a chance to receive a variety of perks throughout the event, including:

  • Awards in thenewboston coin (TNBC) for the winners of challenges.
  • A special daily merchant item from the Bitty Christmas collection.
  • Players who are active each of the 12 days will receive a special profile badge.

What’s happening during the 12 Days event?

We’re not going to spoil the surprises to come with all of the details—however, it’s time to announce what’s happening on Day 1.

Day 1: Christmas Day

  • Release of Bitty Beta!
  • Bitty Faucet reset. All players can claim free TNBC from the faucet—even if they’ve used it before.

The events for Days 2 through 12 will be announced on the prior day via the Discord channel.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Bitty, here’s some quick info to get you started. Use the /help command for an overview.

  1. Download the free and secure TNB wallet.
  2. Join the Bitty server on Discord and create a profile.
  3. Reset Bitty Faucet using the /tnbc faucet command.
  4. Get ready for the first challenge on Day 2.
Bitty Profile

Bitty Basics

Cookies: eat these to heal yourself in a battle.

Daily challenges: take part in 3 different activities a day.

Sample Daily Challenge

Daily Merchant: choose from new offers every day where you can buy items such as cookies, apples, and other items to help you win battles.

Sample Daily Merchant

Tipping: share TNBC to share goodwill with other players.

Sample Tip

What’s next for Bitty?

Upcoming features to look forward to include:

  • Player vs. player dueling
  • Raids
  • Battles
  • Quests
  • Random monster encounters and fights
  • Shops, towns, and customizable private player spaces

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