This week, Typhoon Odette, internationally known as Typhoon Rai, caused severe damage and casualties in the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines leaving  over 67,000 people homeless.

In these dire times, we are tugging on your generous heartstrings for donations to help affected communities in the Philippines, especially those who lost their homes and farms in Napo Inabangga, Bohol (possibly other areas depending on the amount of TNBcoins that are donated).

Your  TNBCoin donations will help our people afford to buy clothes and food, build a simple shelter, and have a small amount of funds to start over.

Your donations can also help them rebuild their farms by purchasing seeds and equipment for planting.

We are building an all volunteer thenewboston Philippines Team to help us with this emergency effort to support the people of the Philippines in their time of need..

Let TNBCoins spread new hope for everyone–not only the victims of Typhoon Odette but also people anywhere in the world that need our help. 

Please send all donations to this account number: 7d445fad9c6563a644919526aa1af30cc99b1b31cc4f5356848ecbbfb6019ea5

Thank you for your generosity.

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  1. Hi, I want to appreciate your efforts. You are doing great for homeless people. I am also willing to help these kind of peoples and hope one day I will at that position and help these kind of peoples.

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