Ethereum Tutorials on thenewboston’s YouTube Channel?!

Since he began releasing a YouTube video tutorial series on Ethereum last week, Bucky Roberts has been getting lots of questions from confused viewers.

What are you thinking?! Why do this now though? It’s too late for ETH. Can you do a series on Bitcoin? 

“Those other cryptocurrencies are not our competition. In fact, I plan on creating a tutorial series about many other cryptos in addition to Etherum including Nano, Monero, and Bitcoin,” Bucky answered.

We are all in this together.

While other crypto communities out there are busy disparaging one another, we are going to swim against the current. All of us are involved in tech innovation. At thenewboston, we hope to bring these communities together by adding as much value as we can to them in the form of tutorials, marketing content, blog posts, and so on.

Why not stick to promoting thenewboston?

Are you wondering why we would spend our resources promoting these other communities rather than focusing on our own? Because the more value we give to their communities, the more value we are going to get right back. Every time we create an awesome tutorial series about another crypto, those tutorials will get circulated and shared throughout their communities. Want to learn about Ethereum? Check out these videos by thenewboston. Wondering what the fastest cryptos are? Check out this blog post about thenewboston and Nano (coming soon).

Our goal is a lofty one.

The goal of thenewboston project is not to become the #1 crypto. Our goal is to build a better economy. It’s a goal that sounds so big, it’s virtually unimaginable–but that’s exactly where we’re aiming.

Bucky said it best.

It’s up to us to build what no one else can. We as thenewboston community are in a very unique position where we are able to educate, build, and add value to so many other tech communities. We are a community that is able to work together, help each other out, and through that, I truly believe we will accomplish what no other development community has ever before.

Join us!

Do you have an idea for a project that will add value to our community? Join the thousands of developers who are earning TNBC by developing apps on our open source blockchain network. Anyone in the world can earn TNBC for contributing. To learn more, go to:

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