TNB Discord Shop: Monetizing Discord Roles for thenewboston Blockchain

Discord is a popular communication app among open source communities. Most members of thenewboston community use it to communicate by text, video, and more. (Join us!) TNB Discord Shop gives server owners the power to sell unique roles and get paid in thenewboston coin (TNBC).

Customizing thenewboston Discord Server

As a developer and longtime Discord user, Mieszko (aka Pixel) saw an opportunity to expand the use of TNBC. He found out about thenewboston project from a friend and was eager to contribute. Mieszko thought it would be nice if there was a Discord bot that allowed server owners to sell customized roles and be paid in TNBC. He knew that other Discord servers do this and saw that it was not available on thenewboston Discord server.

Development Process

With a concept in mind, Mieszko planned the features and user commands and created a template of the bot using Discord.js. He wrote an algorithm for thenewboston blockchain to scan transactions and link the user to the requested role. Mieszko also implemented a mechanism to track role purchases for guilds and total earnings.

Plans for TNB Discord Shop Project

The bot is available to users in any channel without sending public messages. Discord server owners can sell anything that relates to Discord roles, including:

  • Access to exclusive channels
  • Change the color of a username 
  • Username hoisting
  • Temporary roles that expire after a specific amount of time

Interview With the Developer

We asked Pixel to tell us about the project and his experience with thenewboston community.

Q: What benefits does TNB Discord Shop offer?

A: The TNB Discord Shop adds value to the community in a variety of ways:

  • It is open source.
  • Discord server owners earn TNBC for selling roles and role subscriptions.
  • Community members can buy exclusive, customized roles and privileges.

Q: How many Discord servers have the bot been invited into?

A: The bot is currently on 6 Discord servers, which include:

Q: Where do you see this project in 2022?

A: We are planning to actively promote the project so that more server owners invite the bot. Server owners will be able to customize the bot according to their own requirements. Upcoming features include:

  • Custom messages. The bot will allow server owners to customize every message it sends and add custom descriptions to role sales.
  • Sync roles across multiple servers. If users have a role on a Discord server that uses TNB Discord Shop bot, they will automatically be assigned that role on any server they sync to.

Q: How would you describe your experience working on this project?

A: It was fun and it turned out to be really useful for certain community projects like helping people after Typhoon Rae and selling a supporter role in Bitty!

Q: How do you use the bot?

A: It’s a simple process:

1) Join the TNB Discord Shop server by going to:

2) Enter the /shop command.

All of the roles available to buy will be listed.

3) Click on the role you want.

4) Make a transfer in your wallet to the account number displayed with the specified memo and amount of TNBC to transfer.

The bot will automatically grant the role after the payment is received.

Source code: 

Project owner (Discord): Pixel#5000

Bot invite:

Support server:

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