Burger for a Cause

On 12 February, a fire broke out in Palace Cavite City (Philippines) destroying more than 200 homes in Barangays 24, 25, 26, and 27. Our community engagement specialist Chrisha Canete, who organized a fundraiser in December 2021 to help victims of Typhoon Odette, was compelled to help her people in some way.

Chrisha shares her story:

“On February 13, 2022, I woke to the news all over social media that the city I live in was on fire. It started in Barangay 24 of Palace Cavite City, which is just 15 minutes away from my apartment.”

Photo credit: Jovert Buenaventura Drone Shots / MANILA BULLETIN

“More than 700 families lost their houses. I have a lot of friends and workmates from the past who live in that exact area. I felt so sad about what happened and thought about how I could help in any way. I decided to start a Burger for Cause donation campaign in partnership with Color Crave Burger (my own business). We reached out to thenewboston community and raised 110,000 TNBC. We distributed the first 200 burgers in the small evacuation center and then more than 300 burgers in the big evacuation center.”

“It felt nice seeing the smiles on their faces even though the situation was devastating. I am so grateful to everyone who donated and assisted with this project.”

Chrisha with some of the children

Thank you (again) to thenewboston community!

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